Local SEO

Local SEO

Creating the right strategy for local SEO must start with the right foundation. If this isn’t done right then your strategy is opened up to exposure. Let us help build your foundation for local search engine optimization success.

Where do we start?


We dive into understanding your needs as a local business and discuss products, services, and current standing.

Scope Of Work

We build the roles and responsibilities that to map out the steps of your Local SEO strategy

Get Access

Once the strategy for your local SEO is defined we work with you to gain access for your local search engine profiles


Beginning by defining a keyword roadmap allows us to properly execute followed by reputation management and implementation


Once the project is complete and approved by you we launch and begin to report on the growth of your success.

Why local SEO matters

As a local business driving traffic is one of the most important ways to grow your business. However how do you do it? Does search engine marketing really work? Most local businesses are still doing marketing outreach in the old fashioned way. Think about how much money you are spending in billboards, radio, or coupons. Is it working? Do you have a way to even tell if it’s working? Local SEO matters because it gets you infront of the people right in your backyard. Clear back in the early days of Google they formulated a way to drive traffic to the local business, with all the bells and whistles Google has added, that core principal remains the same. On top of that there are litterally hundereds of search engines and tools like Yelp or YellowPages.com that matter. Consistency matters to ALL of them. Revyl takes away the guess work. We are so confident in the benefit of Local SEO that we guarantee that we will get you ranked in the top 3 of Google My Business (GMB) within 90 days, or we give you your money back.

Stop wasting money on other local marketing tactics and let us get you ranked. Give us a call TODAY!

Get ranked in the top 3 or your money back!

We are ready to put our money where our mouth is. We are the home of the 90 day guarantee. Give us 90 days and we’ll get you ranked in the TOP 3 of Google My Business the foundation to your local SEO or we give you your money back.



Few Key Points


If you are a business that sells a product or service locally, check out these statistics that illustrate the importance of building your foundation in local search engine optimization, and marketing strategy.

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Rate Local Search as the most relevant

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Of consumers read review before purchasing

0 %

Of local searches result in a phone call in 24hrs.

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Of YELP users are Gen X and Millennials

0 %

Google Searches are for local business info.

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Of people learn more about a business online

Local Search

Did you know that Google Maps top 3 widget (3-Pack) shows up in 93% of Google searches? Most businesses don’t think that Google Maps needs to be a priority, or they think that they already have it dialed in. Fact is 90% of businesses don’t have it dialed in, and can be outranked quickly. Research by Google shows that 76% of people who conduct a local search contact a business within 24 hours, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase of a service. By being ranked in the 3-Pack, you are on your way to more phone calls and increased sales of your services. Users have rated local search results as the highest and most relevant results on Google… Translation, they trust local results more than any other search result on the internet!

Data Normalization

What is data normalization and how does it connect to local SEO? Authority for Google is crutial in their search engine optimization algorythm. If your authority is low then you will struggle to be ranked, it’s as simple as that. When a user does a search Google actually doesn’t only search it’s own sources but also those of hundereds of other search engines. If during that search it finds that your information doesn’t match across all of them, it has a major damaging effect on how and where you rank. One simple example is if your address on GMB is listed as 491 N. Marketing Way, STE. 204 B but on Yelp it shows 491N. Marketing Way, # 204 B, then this is an error and lowers your authority. Revyl works to normalize your data. The tough thing is, is that once it’s normalized it can change based on links, and thousands of other data points, so our team is constantly looking to ensure your data stays consistent.

Reputation Management

Potential customers want to know they are safe to give you their money. They want to trust that the product, or service that they are interested in getting from you will live up to the hype. To ensure this they turn to your reputation. Your reputation is so important that 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. This could be a benefit or a detriment to your business. As much as 60% of consumers say that bad reviews made them choose a different company. As much as 75% of consumers trust a company more that has positive reviews. If you have negative reviews don’t worry, there are ways to get you back on track. Revyl has creative ways to help grow your online reviews and focus on those that are positive.

Mobile Optimization

It is anticipated that during the coming year the mobile device will influence $1.4 trillion in local sales. The way it will influence these sales is through the usability of the website they interact with, specifically for local businesses. 18% of local smart-phone searches result in a within a day. If your users aren’t satisfied with their mobile experience they will leave. You’ve already done so much to get them to your website, why jeapardize whether they will purchase your product or service by having a weak mobile optimized website. Not all mobile optimized websites are created the same. Revyl will take the time to analyze your mobile users experience on multiple devices and sizes and make a plan to adjust.

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