Marketing Consulting


Depending on the size of your business marketing consulting offers a variety of different solutions. Revyl can create and manage your entire marketing strategy, or we can come in and offer insights of one of the many verticals of marketing. If you are looking for ways to create a healthy marketing-ecosystem for your business call us now to get started.

Where do we start?


We work with you to identify the opportunities for lead generation with the products and services you offer.

Map Out Strategy

Your strategy to generate leads could include digital ads, landing pages, email marketing, and retargeting.


We create the needed items that create your lead funnel including integration with your softwares and sales team.

Test Launch

With your approval we publish the different steps and begin the test ad spend. This test is to identify how and where to target

Adjust & Continue

We are constantly watching the results and adjusting with the goal of reducing the cost to acquire a lead.

What is Marketing Consulting?

Each company is unique in it’s stage of the business life cycle. Marketing consulting is how Revyl engages with companies of all different sizes. Some companies are looking to outsource their entire marketing department, some are looking to have the strategy, plan, and operational tools put in place and then they begin to manage, and others are looking for marketing support for the marketing management team that is already in place. Revyl is happy to take on whatever role is best for your company. We start by assessing the current tools and processes in place, then we move to the existing collateral and materials that have been created, finally completing the investigation phase with a brand review.

Why Strategy Matters

It’s generally accepted that strategy is important for marketing plans, however, it’s also extremely frequent that the strategy either isn’t created, followed, or founded in company metrics. As a marketing consultant we help to identify the methods not only to create a marketing strategy but to follow through and track the success of that strategy. Ask yourself if you know the cost to acquire a lead, cost to acquire a customer, the number of touches a lead requires to become a customer, What is your customer life time value. How long does your average customer remain loyal to your brand? To have a successful strategy, you need to understand and build around these metrics, that’s where Revyl comes in.


Reach out to us now and let’s start your marketing journey! We’ll start by scheduling a brief call with one of our project managers.

Marketing Consulting Tools

Over the years we’ve often heard that marketing had seemed like a mystery, or a black box. The business owner knew they needed to put money into marketing but they didn’t know where they should put that money, if the marketing was working for them the way they expected or what marketing options they should try. With Revyl’s marketing consulting we bring the right tools to the table that reveals the mystery behind marketing.

We recognize that each business is unique, and has their own unique needs in regards to marketing strategy, campaign assessments, lead funnel and customer funnel functionality, and much more. With Revyl discover the right places to put your marketing dollars so they work for you in the way you expect.

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