Reputation Management

Reputation Management

More than ever customers utilize the reputation of a business when making buying decisions. Does your reputation online actually represent your business and your team? In many cases it doesn’t What do you need to do to change your online reputation? We can help. We can strengthen your business growth and reputation.

How we do
Reputation Management


We do a business reputation analysis and identify the weaknesses and strengths of your online reputation.

Customer Survey

Develop a survey to be shared with your customer base. These results are emailed to management.

Review Filteration

Once the strategy for your local SEO is defined we work with you to gain access for your local search engine profiles

Internal Reviews

Beginning by defining a keyword roadmap allows us to properly execute followed by reputation management and implementation

External Review

Once the project is complete and approved by you we launch and begin to report on the growth of your success.

Protecting your Reputation!

Google was built around authority. Whether or not it’s algorithm views your business as an authority has a lot to do with your reputation. When Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google they recognized in their group of friends, those that got the most back-rubs were more popular than those that didn’t. The Google ranking metrics was built around this concept. The more customers you have that are giving you a review the more popular you are.

We work to ensure quantity and quality. Quantity gets you seen and quality gets you customers. Customers read an average of 21 reviews before feeling comfortable making a purchase.

Why Reputation Matters

If you are doing things right you have Revyl managing your Google My Business account and your ranked in the top 3 for your key word. If you’re not, why not, there’s no risk with our top 3 guarantee. The first step in getting someone to purchase is awareness. By being highly ranked you are giving your audience the best chance to reach your website and learn about you. However just getting them there isn’t enough. Now you need to build trust with them before they will buy. The key way to gain that trust is through reviews.

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How It Works

Here are the steps we take to building your reputation and protecting what you have built.



Message the customer to thank them for their business
and ask for them to rate their experience. .


Clients and customers are asked to provide feedback
about their experience.


Depending on the response the review will either
be posted publicly or sent internally for improvement


Regardless of a positive or negative review it’s
important to either correct issues or thank your customer

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